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About us

Vossen & Co, a private company established in 1987 and located in Brussels, Belgium, distributes certified organic essential oils.

Many of these are produced by our own subsidiaries in Nepal (Malé International Pvt Ltd) and in Vietnam (Moonflower Oils and Spices Co).

We also have preferential agreements with trusted partners in Albania, India and Zimbabwe, and built a network of reliable suppliers for those essential oils that we do not produce ourselves.

From the start we decided to work organically in order to offer products of high quality in an ecological and sustainable way.

This philosophy translates in all stages of production:

Growing and collecting

Together with its local partners, and with the help of experienced agronomists, Vossen & Co provides farmers and collectors with instruction on organic rules and methods,

and trains them in organic practices (a.o. composting organic material, crop rotation etc.), with emphasis on sustainability and respect for the natural environment.


Vossen & Co encourages and helps to establish processing units close to the harvesting areas, in order to minimize transport cost.

The water used for distillation is recycled wherever possible, and the waste material recovered after distillation is either composted, or dried and used as mulch or fuel.


Vossen & Co works with specialised laboratories to analyse each batch of produced oil, and ensure consistent high quality.

Additionally the oils are randomly screened for residues of contaminants, pesticides, phthalates and heavy metals.


Internal control systems are set up in production countries, and supervised by Vossen & Co, to ensure traceability from the field to the customer.


Vossen & Co provides the producers with all necessary assistance, especially with the extensive paperwork involved, in order to obtain organic certification of every step in the production and trading of the oils.

Social Responsibility

In each country of production, Vossen & Co ensures that working conditions are safe and fair, with respect for gender equality and without racial or religious bias.

Its business is a long-term commitment based on transparency and trust, and aimed at improving the lives of the people involved.